Dawsonville, GA location

27 Dawson Village Way Dawsonville , GA 30534 Phone: (706) 216-3036
17 Campbell, St. Cleveland, GA 30528  Phone: (706) 348-1275

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Nachos (Nah-choz)

Melted cheese with green Ortega chile peppers on toasted tortillas


Quesadilla (Kay-sah-dee-yah)

Flour tortillas filled with nacho cheese and onions


Tacos (Tah-kohs)

Tortillas folded and fried crisp, filled with beef, lettuce and cheese


Tamales (Tah-mah-lays)

Savory meat fillings steamed in corn meal casing, topped with beef, cheese and sauce


Tortillas (Tor-tee-yahs)

Thin corn pancakes used as a base for many dishes


Tostados (Tohs-tah-dos)

Tortillas cut and deep fried


Tostaguac (Toh-sta-sahk)

Flat tortillas with beef topped with lettuce and guacamole



Mexican Plates (  puede ir en especiales )

Burrito (Burr-ee-toh)

Flour tortilla rolled around ground beef and topped with cheese and onion sauce


Chalupas (Sah-lu-paz)

Flat tortillas with beans, sprinkled with cheese and topped with guacamole salad


Chiles Rellenos (Chelays Ray-ya-nos)

Chile peppers stuffed with cheese and meat


Enchiladas (En-chie-lah-dahs)

Corn tortilla rolled around ground meat and topped with cheese and sauce


Frijoles refritos (Free-hole-ays Ray-free-tohs)

Refried beans


Pollo asado, Carne asada, six shrimp,

Mexican cheese, Mexican cactus, onions,

special sauce and three tortillas


$ 14.00


27  Dawson Village Way Dawsonville, GA 30534  |  Phone: (706) 216-3036

17 Campbell, St. Cleveland, GA 30528   |  Phone: (706) 348-1275

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